Issuance of Certificates

The Embassy issues different certificates for suitable use by the expatriates of Bangladesh living in Thailand and Cambodia. The Embassy issues the following certificates:

  • Residency certificate
  • Marital status certificate
  • Relationship certificate
  • Certificate for driving license
  • Certificate for visa extension
  • Certificate for transfer of visa

Applicants must submit copy of their passports along with other documents, if required, for the issuance of above certificates.

Applicable fee:

Type of documentFee (Thai Baht) per certificateProcessing time
Residency certificate110Two working days (delivery on next to next working day)
Marital status certificate275-Do-
Relationship certificate110-Do-
Certificate for driving license110-Do-
Certificate for visa extension110-Do-
Certificate for transfer of visa110-Do-

Application submission time: 9.00 am-12.00 pm (every working day).

Delivery time: 3.30 pm-5.00 pm (every working day).