Press Release

Bangladesh Ambassador urges to uphold secular, progressive and tolerant Bengali cultural identity in the Pohela Baishakh celebrations in Bangkok

Celebration of the 48th Anniversary of Independence and National Day of Bangladesh in Thailand by the Embassy of Bangladesh

গণহত্যা পালন দিবস সংক্রান্ত দূতাবাসের প্রতিবেদন- ২৫ মার্চ ২০১৯

Bangladesh Embassy celebrates National Day 2019

Bangladesh Embassy in Bangkok observes the 99th Birth Anniversary of Bangabandhu and the National Children’s Day 2019

Outgoing Bangladesh Envoy meets Thai Prime Minister and Foreign Minister

Bangkok observes National Mourning Day by paying tribute to Bangbandhu’s secular, progressive and humanist spirit

Ambassador in Thailand calls upon expatriates to uphold a secular image and the values of 1971

Bangladesh Embassy and UNESCO Regional Office jointly observe Ekushe and International Mother Language Day in Bangkok.

Embassy in Thailand celebrates 40th anniversary, commemorates Bangladesh-Thai Buddha Maitri