Application Process for IBRN

Interim Birth Registration Number (IBRN) would be required for MRP if any applicant doesn’t possess National ID Card or Birth Registration Number (BRN). Applicants who already have the Bangladesh National ID card or BRN do not have to apply for IBRN.

Applicants who would get IBRN are advised to obtain the BRN from the respective City Corporation /Municipality/Union Parishad later at their available opportunity as BRN may be needed in future for purposes other than MRP. While applying for BRN, applicants would need to submit a copy of the IBRN to the authorities concerned in Bangladesh.

The applicants have to submit the following documents for IBRN from this Embassy:

  1. Duly filled-in Application Form.
  2. Original Bangladesh Passport along with the copy of first seven pages;
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate/Nationality Certificate issued by the local City Corporation /Municipality/Union Parishad (if any);
  4. In case of application for a new-born baby, the original Bangladesh passport of the mother/father and the original birth certificate as well as a photocopy of the birth certificate of the baby;
  5. In case of application for already included child on the passport of mother/father, the original Bangladesh passport of the mother/father of the baby;
  6. Payment of applicable fees;

Applicants are strongly advised to apply for IBRN to this Embassy before they submit MRP applications in person if they don’t possess National ID or Birth Registration Certificate.

Standard applicable fees:

Service*Fee (US$)Processing time
IBRN for new born if applies within 45 days of birthFreeOne working day (Delivery on the next day)
IBRN for one who is over 45 days old5-Do-
IBRN in case of loss of certificate10-Do-

* Mission receives fees in equivalent Thai Baht only.

Application submission time: 9.00 am-12.00 pm (every working day).

Delivery time: 3.30 pm-5.00 pm (every working day).